This guide shows how to use recovery mode to get your phone ready when it fails to start up. 

Yealink IP phones support recovery mode using TFTP protocol only.

Generally, when a Yealink IP phone is powered and connected to the network properly, it will start up successfully and get ready for you to use. In case, the IP phone is accidentally powered off when upgrading, the system data in the flash may be damaged and this makes the IP phone fail to start up. Therefore, we strongly recommend that do not unplug or remove the power when the phone is updating firmware or configurations.

Before using recovery mode to get the IP phone ready, the following steps are required:

  •  Preparing the Firmware and other Resource Files
  •  Configuring the TFTP Server

Preparing the Firmware and other Resource Files

For the firmware and other resource files, you can ask your Yealink reseller or go to the following Link: https://www.3cx.com/sip-phones/firmware-update-yealink/ 

Different phone models require different resource files to be used for recovery mode.

Some just need the firmware, while others need extra files like “.bin” or “.rfs” in addition to firmware.

The file name of the firmware used for recovery mode is strictly required. For example, to use recovery mode on SIP-T28P IP phones, you must rename the firmware file as T28.rom.

For more details about the firmware name and required resource files, refer to the following table:

Configuring the TFTP Server

This section shows how to configure a TFTP server for windows system using tftpd32 application.

You can download the tftpd32 application online: http://tftpd32.jounin.net/tftpd32_download.html. 

If there is a TFTP server installed on your local system, you can skip this section and go to the next.


1. Create a TFTP root directory on the local system.

2. Place resource files to this root directory.

3. Double click the tftpd32.exe to start the application.

4. Click the button "Browse" to locate the TFTP root directory from the local system.

5. Select the local IP address from the pull-down list of Server interface. Take a note of the server IP address (e.g., which is used at the later stage.

Using Recovery Mode on Yealink IP Phones

The section is only applicable to SIP phone series including SIP-T19(P) E2, T20P, T21P E2, T22P, T23P/G, T26P, T28P, T29G, T32G, T38G, T41P, T42G,T46G, T48G,T60G, T61(P/G), T65P, T66 P/G and T68. 

The following procedures take the SIP-T28P IP phone for reference.


1. Long press "speakerphone key" and reconnect the power adapter to trigger the recovery mode. Do not release the "speakerphone key" until the recovery mode wizard appears on the phone LCD screen.

Note: For CP860 and VP530, you need to long press the specified soft key (the second from the left on the phone) since there is no speakerphone key.

2. Enter the desired values in the IP Address, Netmask, IP Gateway and TFTP Server fields respectively. 

The IP phone must be configured in the same subnet as the TFTP server.

3. Press "OK key" to complete the recovery mode.

The IP phone will download and upgrade the firmware from the TFTP server. After upgrading, the IP phone will initialize successfully and get ready for use. 

The LCD screen prompts “Initializing…Please Wait” when upgrading successfully.

4. If the IP phone fails to upgrade, the LCD screen will indicate the failure. You need to

check and make sure:

  • The connectivity between the TFTP server and the IP phone works well.
  • The resource files are correctly renamed and placed to the TFTP root directory.
  • Repeat the recovery mode procedures to try again.

The LCD screen prompts “Update Fail…Please reboot” when failing to upgrade:

5. Press "OK key" to verify the current firmware version after upgrading successfully.

For W52P/H Base

For W52P/H base, there is no screen to show information for you. The W52P/H base uses as its default IP address, so you need to configure a static IP address for you local PC where you have the TFTP server installed.


1. Configure the static IP address on your local PC.

It must be configured as below:

2. Click OK twice to save the settings.

Long press the Unique Button on the front of the Base and reconnect the power adapter to trigger the recovery mode. Do not release until three LED indicators are all turned on.

The W52P/H base will download and upgrade the firmware from the TFTP server.

You can view the syslog of the TFTP server to check if the W52P/H base downloads the firmware successfully as show below:

3. After a handset is registered, press "OK Key" on the handset to verify the current firmware version.

If you need any further assistance please contact us at support@megacall.es