In order to configure the Zoiper Free on your PC, we recommend you to download it from Here and install it. 

Once you've install Zoiper, Open the Settings Tab and select Preference. 

You will see the Accounts window, you only need to add the following credentials: 
- Username: 
- Password: 

(This information you must received it on an email from ""  when the Extensions were created).

Once the credentials have been added, press the "Register" button and you will see how the status changes to "Registered" in the top-right side of the same window:

If the status doens't change to "Registered" it means the credntials in used are wrong. make sure you copy/paste the detais from the activation emails you received without any spaces. 

And press "OK" at the bottom of the screen to save the changes. That should be all, you are now ready to make calls with the Megacall VoIP Service.