This SOP shows how to transfer ongoing calls to external numbers.

** Please note that Megacall loses control on calls diverted to external numbers. Therefore, you are not able to revert the call back to Megacall **


Follow below steps when you would like to transfer an ongoing call.


  1. Enter code #1 followed by below
  2. Enter number where you would like to transfer the call to. Local & international dialling to UK & Spain allowed.
    1. UK -- Local dialling plan 0XXXXXXXXXX or International dialling plan 0044XXXXXXXXXX
    2. Spain -- Local dialling plan XXXXXXXXX or International dialling plan 0034XXXXXXXXX


Please find below 2 examples. Code highlighted in Black & number highlighted in Red


  • Transferring the call to UK number 442074166777
    • #102074166777
    • #100442074166777
  • Transferring the call to Spain number 952667511
    • #1952667511
    • #10034952667511