What are the technical requirements of Megadialer, such as bandwidth, RAM etc?

Your agents computer should have at least 4GB of RAM with either Firefox or Chrome installed.

Internet Explorer does not yet support browser telephony. 

We would also recommend at least a Dual core processor.

In order to calculate the bandwidth requirements for your office, ensure that each agent has a minimum of 25kbit/s for both upload and download available for the browser telephony.

Can Megadialer be used in combination with a Firewall?

Yes, but you need to do a number of adjustments.

For the web interface you have to make sure at least all of the IP addresses behind the following domains are accessible:




You will also need to open the following UDP ports for symmetric traffic: 

  • 16384 through to 32768 (voice streams)

Strictly symmetric NAT makes sure that only your PC can initiate data transfer to an external host.

Note: Be sure to also use the latest Chrome or Firefox browser. Some installed plugins can

impede Megadialer functionality.