In this article we will explain what steps you need to follow to allow Megacall App to ring when it receives an incoming call but the app is closed. 

On your Android mobile, go to Settings. Scroll down and select "Apps". 

Then select "Manage Apps". this will display a list with all your mobile apps. 


Scroll down or use the Search bar to find Megacall App and enter the App. 

Now we need to allow ALL permissions: 

Autostart= active

App Permissions= "All options allowed"

Other Permissions= "All options allowed" 

Notifications= "All options ACTIVE". Also make sure it has active the "Push notifications" and "Incoming calls". 

Restrict data usage= "allow Wifi and Mobile data"

Battery saver= "No Restrictions"

Once you finished allowing the above permissions, you can return back to the main screen and try calling the number assigned to your VoP Line and make sure the Megacall App rings on incoming calls. 

Should you still experience any issue after activating the App Permissions as explained above, please contact and we will guide you through the steps over the phone.