In this guide we are going to look at how to set up Bria Solo Free on a mobile device. Bria solo is a 3rd party software solution which will allow the configuration of 1 extension.

Firstly you will need to setup an account by accessing the following link:-

Once here you will need to introduce your email address and then click on the red arrow...


Now you will need to type in a password, it is important that you type a password that you will remember so that you can make changes should you need to in the future.... Once done click on the red arrow...

You will now need to type in your Firstname and Lastname.... Once done click on the red arrow again....

Now we need to accept the terms and conditions, you will need to select the checkbox and then click on the "Accept Terms and Create Account"

You will now see the screen change and you will automatically be logged in to your Bria Solo web area....

You will need to click on the "Set Up a Voice Account" button...

We will now click on "Configure SIP Settings" under the option "Have your own PBX or SIP Server?"

Now we need to complete the following fields:-


SIP USERNAME /CALL EX....  - This will be the username you received in your welcome email

AUTHORIZATION USERN....  - This will be the password you received in your welcome email

Once done you will need to click on the button that says "Configure Service Settings"

On the next screen you wont need to make any changes.....

You will now see the following screen....

If you have completed the signup process from your phone (Android or iOS) you can then click to download the relevant application. If not then you can simply click on "To the Dashboard!" as the steps for configuration are complete.

Now on our mobile device we are going to go to the App Store and search for Bria - VoIP Softphone, you should see an option similar to the screenshot below....

Once downloaded you need to run the app and you will see a screen similar to this one, where you will need to introduce the Username and Password you set up earlier....

You can select the option to remember the password and once done you will need to click on the button that says "Sign In".

You will see various notifications from your mobile saying that Bria needs permissions to access certain features of your phone, you can allow these but pressing on OK

Finally you will see one last screen which talks about Counterpaths product improvement, you can either Accept or Reject this, it is not an important step.

Once the whole app is set up you will see a screen similar to the one below, if you have followed all the steps correctly you will see something that says "Telephone Ready" at the top of the screen.... This means that the Bria application has downloaded the configuration for the Virtual Switchboard and you should be able to make and receive calls.


There's just one last setting to change on the App from your mobile.

Go to Settings > Accounts and turn the account toggle switch off. 

Tap the SIP account you want to enable push notifications for

Turn on Use Push Notifications

Change the settings for Registration Mode to "Single Device Emulation"

Save the changes on the top right corner icon. 

And Finally you are ready to start using the App.