In this guide we are going to look at how to set up Zoiper 5 Pro (Free Version) on a Windows PC.

First of call we need to open up Chrome and go to the web page

Next we need to select "DOWNLOAD" from the top menu...

We will now see a screen where we can select the Operating System we want to download Zoiper for, in this example we are going to download for Windows.

On the next screen we need to select the "Free" version. If you would like to purchase the Premium version this is also possible however it is a purchase that you would be making directly with Zoiper and is in no way affiliated with Megacall.

The main differences between free and premium are the call transferring, conference and codec options.

Once downloaded we need to click on the Installation icon to install the software....

We will see the following screen, here we just need to click on Next

We need to select "I accept the agreement" and then click on Next

On the next screen we can simply click on Next

And on this screen we ensure it says "Zoiper5" and again we click on Next

On this screen we need to select the architecture of our computer, older computers will use 32bit whereas newer computers will often use 64bit. Either way the computer will often automatically detect the type. Once done we need to click on Next

Now we need to select whether it is to be installed for All Users or only the current user. We can leave it set as "All Users" and then click on Next

We will see the confirmation that installation is about to take place, to continue we click on Next

Here we can see the application installing...

And when installed we will see a message informing of the completion, here we just click on Finish

To input the Megacall credentials we first need to click on Continue as a Free user

Here we need to put in the Extension, we have received in the welcome email, in the first box.

We also need to type in the Password, we received in the welcome email, in the second box.

Then we need to click on Login

On this screen we now need to type in the server name, in most cases it will be, once done we need to click on Next

For the Authentication and Outbound proxy, as it is option (and not necessary for Megacall services) we can just click on Skip

We will now see Zoiper try and automatically determine the Protocol (TCP, UDP etc), in most cases it will detect this automatically however there are some cases where this is not possible.

In cases where it isnt detected automatically we will see the below pop-up, here we can just click on Yes to configure the SIP account manually.

If we are configuring manually then we just need to ensure that the correct information is in the 2 boxes (Extension and Password) and then we just need to click on Create Account

If all has been done correctly you will see a window similar to the one below, You will see a green tick which indicates that the extension is registered correctly on the Megacall server.

We now need to go in to the settings of the account, we will click on the settings wheel in the top right corner

Now we need to click on Accounts

And then select our SIP Account (you will need to select the Megacall one in the event that you have more than one extension set up)

Now we need to click on the Advanced option

Now we need to scroll down to the section titled Network related. Here we need to change the transport to UDP. There are often occasions where a router will block UDP so our suggestion here would be to change it to TCP if it isnt working with UDP.

We also need to select Don´t use STUN in the option called "Use STUN"

Now we need to check the codecs, so we will scroll down to the Audio codecs section, here we need to use the following codecs (in the same order)

  • G.711 a-law
  • G.711 mu-law
  • G.722
  • Opus/8000
  • Opus/160000

The rest of the codecs can be moved to the left hand side as they won´t be necessary....

Once done we just click on the arrow to the left of the "Accounts" option...

We will now see a prompt that asks us if we want to save the changes, here we need to click on Yes to save the changes we have just made.

Zoiper5 configuration is complete and you should be able to make and receive VoIP calls.