In this guide we are going to look at how to send a simple SMS in the MegaSMS platform.

First we need to login to the platform, for this we need to go to the below link:

Once logged in we need to select "Simple Message" on the left hand menu....

We now need to select the ID that we want to show from the dropdown. All ID´s (whether they be numeric or alpha-numeric) need to first be verified by Megacall.

To do this you will simply need to send an email to stating the name that you wish to display or in the event that you wish to display a number you will need to send us a proof of ownership of the number (this can be in the form of a phone bill where both the company name and number are clearly visible)

The next step is to type in the destination number, this needs to be in international format but without the 00

A little further down you have a box to type the content of your SMS, just below you have display that lets you know the number of characters that are remaining for the message to be sent in one SMS.

Once you have written your message, you will just need to click on "Send" and the message will be sent out.