What is a Call Limitation?

A Call Limitation is where you can set a specific number of times that a lead is called before it is classed as "unavailable". This is to try and avoid your number being detected as SPAM or simply to avoid calling a database that is full of exhausted leads.

To set call limitations you will first need to click on "Tasks" on the left hand menu, and then select the call task that you wish to set the limitations on. Once done you will need to scroll to the section called "Advanced dialer settings"

Here you will see a dropdown list which indicates the different types of limitations available such as:-

Call attempts - Call attempts trigger a connection setup procedure, which if successful, leads to a connected call. Call attempts consist of both successful connections and also all failed call attempts. 

Connections - A connection exists if the dialer was able to reach the desired contact. 

Failed call attempts - A connection setup that failed for various technical reasons. Failed 

dial attempts include dropped calls, voicemail and "not reachable/out of range." 

Dropped calls - Calls that were terminated by the dialer. This can often be when there weren´t sufficient agents to attend to the call, resulting in an abandoned call which would have been dropped by the dialer.

Answering machines - Calls that were answered by automatic answering machines. 

No response - Contacts who could not be reached for various reasons. Not reached can be either invalid calls ("temporarily unavailable") or unanswered calls.

With call limitations you can set as many values as you wish, please note this could affect the number of available leads as it will take in to consideration all the factors before deciding to make the the call. If for any reason a contact matches any of the criteria it will not be called.

What is the Blending Rate?

The blending rate determines how both older and newer contacts are "blended". By this we mean that the dialer determines the probability of calling a contact in comparison to the dialer calling another contact that has seen ONE LESS call attempt. This means that if the value of the blending rate is high (1.0 for example) then older contacts will be called just as often as newer contacts which have less call attempts. If we set the value low (near to zero) then the newer contacts will have preference over older contacts. For regular calling a setting of 0.8 is more than sufficient.

What is Prioritisation by Searchable Field?

Prioritisation by Searchable Fields is where you can call leads with a certain value before others. The searchable option can be based on 5 searchable fields from the form view.

A typical example of prioritising searchable fields could be used in the example of a magazine supplier. The magazine supplier may have a field in their data called "Gender" in which they have both "Male" and "Female" values.

On one particular day they may have a new magazine offer that they would like to direct at females and would therefore like to prioritise those contacts above the male contacts (as it is thought this would possibly result in a higher conversion rate) they could simply priotise this field by stating the value they want to prioritise.

There is also the option to BLOCK contacts so that they are not called, this would apply for example if the data has "Female", "Male" and "Didnt want to say". In this example you could simply block those that were "Male" and therefore you would call contacts with the other two values.

In the below example Females would be prioritised over Males. Males would be blocked from being called.

For any further assistance please contact us at support@megacall.es.