The Softphone.Pro Click2Call extension is intended to work in Chrome (so for it to perform on a MAC it needs Chrome to be installed). Basically transforms every TEL-protocol number into Softphone.Pro links. The main advantage of this is that no registry edition is necessary. 

Please see below:

We have released an updated version of our Softphone.Pro Chrome extension. It has an option of converting tel: links into Softphone.Pro links, which should be able to solve the issue we discussed earlier.

Installation URL:

Please note that extension also has a whitelist option, so it can work on specific sites only.

Also: you can play with number lenght to allow or disallow certain numbers to work with this.

In Pipedrive, you need to look for configuration and then change the default handler for calls from callto: to tel:. Please check this: 

Callto Syntax: Make VOIP calls from Pipedrive

Pipedrive has the ability to choose which app is the default when you click on a phone number in Pipedrive. For example, you can use a provider such as Skype for calls or SMS, Lync, or a number of SIP-based phone systems.

You can specify the protocol syntax you would like to use for the call-to links within your Pipedrive account. Once configured, you will be able to click on any phone number in Pipedrive and have it trigger a call to that number via your chosen service.

To program this syntax, go to Tools and integrations > Calling > Personal > Default calling app.

The most commonly-used syntaxes can be found in the dropdown. If your preferred option is listed there, simply select it from the dropdown and click "Save".

The options found in that dropdown are listed below, for your convenience.

  • Skype call: skype:[number]?call
  • Skype SMS: skype:[number]?chat
  • SIP phone handler: sip:[number]
  • Apple FaceTime call: facetime://[number]
  • Default phone call handler: tel:[number]
  • Default 'callto' handler: callto:[number]
  • Default SMS handler: sms:[number]
  • Pipedrive Calling: caller:[number]?call
  • Custom

If your option is not found there, we suggest choosing the "Custom" option and providing the callto syntax of the provider you wish to use. Once finished, click "Save".

If you find that these options do not line up with your needs, you may also browse the Pipedrive Marketplace for a third-party solution.