Creating diverts based on Time Intervals

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This tutorial will explain how you can set a forwarding rule on your Lines to divert calls only during specific hours. 

Let's use as en example the following scenario: You would like any calls receive on the extension 002 to call to your mobile when the office is closed. Let's assume you only want to divert calls to your mobile from Monday - Friday 18:00- 21:00

- First, we you must login to your PBX Online Portal account at 

Once you are logged in, you will see the option time intervals. In here, you can select Add Time Interval.

You must set the time interval for out of hours so 18:01 to 09:59. However each day has to be done in 2 sections as at 00:00 it changes to a different day.

The first thing to do is in the section Time Interval Definition select the following settings:

- Name: Set this as something that explains what it does in this case for example, it would be "Out Of Hours"

- Matching Algorithm: chose the option individual days (as its specific times every day)

- Time Zone: In this case you can leave it as Spain/Madrid unless the client gives you the time in some other time zone.

Now go down to Matching intervals. Starting on monday at 00:00 you would have to set the first time as:

- Start Hour: 18:00 - End Hour: 21:00

- Start Weekday: Monday 

- End Weekday: Friday 

- Start day of the month & End day of the month should be 1st till 31st (as its to apply every day of the month)

- The month stays blank as it's not just for a certain month of the year.

Once this has been completed, save the changes selecting "OK" at the bottom of the page.

We have Setup the Time Interval when the Calls must forward to your mobile, now we mus create the forwarding under the extension where we can add the destination number where it will be diverted. 

If your Inbound number is pointing directly to your VoIP extension, we will apply the rule at that extension. 

If the Inbound number is pointing instead in a Ring group (ringing on various VoIP Extensions) we must apply the forwarding rull under the Queue which contains that Inbound number.

How to know where is the unmber point at? 

Very easy, just go to Unified Communications (left column):

Go to Public Phone Numbers:

Now search for your number and check where is it pointing to:

Now that we know where the number it pointing to, let go to that Extension, you can simply click on the Extension Name and it will open it straight away

Next step, click on Incoming Call Rules

Here you can create a rules to Transfer the call

Also add the following:

  • The Destination where to transfer the calls .
  • The Time Interval when the forwarding will be applied. 
  • We recommend to Allow that destination to forward calls in case it also forwards to a different line or to it's own voicemail. 
  • Also Set the rule to Follow other rules, in case there are other rules to follow after this new Transfer you are creating.

Finally click the "OK" button to apply the change.

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