Please find below the instructions to use Megamobile service from your mobile: 

If you are dialling manually:

Dial 933938104 and wait for a dial tone.

Upon hearing the dial tone, dial your destination number and wait for connection. 
Please note that to ensure that your calls are connecting correctly via the MegaMobile service we have put in place a prompt, should you not hear this message please contact us immediately. 

If you use the Free App "Phone Card Dialer": 

The first thing to do is search for the app in the app store or android store.

Once installed, open the App:

Now, you will see the option “ADD CARD”.

In “Card Name” we are going to type “Megacall”

In “Access Number” we are going to type “933938104”

Now we need to delete all options below except for the first one ("Pause 2 Seconds). 

To do this select the red circle and delete.

Once all other options have been deleted, press on the box that contains a 2 in the pause option.

Remove the number 2 from this box and replace it with two commas (,,) for this press the symbols button “+*#” to find the option “pause” (See image below).

We need to repeat this process again to get TWO commas (pauses).

Now we can save these settings and the Phone Card has been set up.

We can now make a call by going to the manual call option or the contacts. Once selected who to call, you will be asked to select the Phone Card you wish to use for this, in this case, Megacall

Before the call starts connecting the call, the following window will appear, letting you know that we have done the configuration correctly.

As always, make sure you hear the “Welcome, your call is now being connected” recorded message before connecting to call to make sure you are using the Megacall Service and not your Mobile.

For any further queries feel free to reach out to our Support Team at