In this guide we will learn how to allow the Megadialer application to send emails using Gmail.
To do this we will first enter our Google account, we can access through the link Then we click on the "Manage your Google account" option located in the upper right.

Now we have to click on "Security" in the menu on the left ...

On the next page we have to go down a bit until we find the option “Access to unsafe applications”:

You have to click on the option "Activate access (not recommended)". There is no need to worry because it is simply a warning from Google since access will be allowed through an application that has not been verified by Google, although it is completely secure as long as we have a password difficult to guess protecting our account and that complies with The following requirements:

  • Alpha-numeric password
  • At least one uppercase letter
  • A symbol

On the next screen we have to display the button to the right to activate the option:

Once done we will see the following screen:

In addition we will receive a confirmation email informing that our account has been linked ...

Once authorized we proceed to configure the data in the email task in the Megadialer….

Protocol: SSL
User: <Email Address>
Password: <Account Password>

The data will be as follows….