First you need to create a template with LibreOfficeWriter (or alternatively Open Office) to define the content and layout of your letter. Once this is done you can upload it to Megadialer and reference it from your export task. Continue reading for a step-by-step instruction on how to proceed.

Step 1 – Creating the template

The templates for PDF generation can be created with LibreOfficeWriter or alternatively Open Office. Both can be downloaded and installed free of charge. Below we describe the process when using LibreOfficeWriter.

When setting up placeholders for the contact data records from Megadialer in LibreOfficeWriter "Text fields" need to be used. Go to the LibreOffice menu: Insert → Fields → More Fields ... → "Functions" tab.


Choose the type "placeholder" and select "text" as format. The name given inside the field placeholder must correspond to the desired column name of the contact in Megadialer. If, for example, the contact column "name" should be rendered into the resulting PDF, choose the term "name" as placeholder.

Note, that an ODT document suitable for PDF generation is subject to certain restrictions:

  • Fonts must be embedded in the document (LibreOffice menuFile → Properties → "Fonts" tab → "Embed fonts in the document")
  • Frames and shapes can not be used
  • Tables should be used instead of tabulators for the free placement of elements
  • Images can be embedded, but also without frames

For your convenience we have created template_en.odt which can be used as a starting point for your custom template.

Step 2 – Importing the template

Go to the menu "Campaigns" and change to the tab "Resources". Click on the three dots in the top right corner and choose "File import" in order to upload your ODT template.

Step 3 – Configure the export task

Go to menu "Tasks" and select the desired export task



  1. Choose the type "ODT → PDF"
  2. Enter the template path including file name
  3. Define the file name formula
  4. [optional] Define a custom "Column - Field mapping" in case your placeholder fields in the template differ from the columns of the contact

Step 4 – Download the generated PDF

For each contact that reaches the export task, a separate page is created in the resulting PDF. The generated PDF is available for download via the "Export" menu.