In this guide we are going to look at how we can use the Receptionist feature with the Megacall Virtual Switchboard.

The receptionist feature will allow you to listen, or listen and whisper to the agent (without the client knowing). The feature is ideal for training purposes or even for Team Leaders to see how their staff are performing.

To use the feature we first need to login to the Virtual Switchboard, this can be done by accessing the following link:-

Once you have logged in with your credentials (if you do not have them you can request them by sending an email to you will see an option under the Integrations section which says "Receptionist", we need to click on this option.

You will now be taken to a screen where it asks you for a PIN, this is normally the 4 digit customer ID with 00 at the beginning.

***It is important that when we type in the customer ID we click on the OK button and NOT the Enter key***

We will now see a screen which has a dropdown containing a list of extensions. Here we need select our own extension number. It is important to select our extension as this will determine which phone will ring (for us to be able to barge-in to the call). Once selected we need to click on OK

When there are calls active we will see them in the next screen, it will show us useful information such as:-

  • From - The ORIGIN of the phone call
  • To - The DESTINATION of the phone call (so to whom they are calling)
  • Flow - Whether it is an incoming or outgoing call
  • Status - Whether they are in a call or not
  • Call Date/Time - The Date and Timestamp of the call
  • Duration - The time elapsed for the call 

To the right hand side of the call we have two icons, one is a headset and the other a headset with a micrphone.

The headset is to listen to the call only, it means that the person listening cannot talk to the agent. The agent nor the customer will hear the person listening.

The headset and microphone is to listen and talk, so it means that the listener could talk to the agent (they will hear it in one side of the headphones) but the client will not hear them.

When either of the icons are clicked on it will ring the extension that we selected earlier on in the dropdown menu and when we pick up the phone it will play a brief recording saying that the call is in monitor mode and that other parties will not hear the agent. We will also see a confirmation on the screen..


We can also see on the same screen when people are making calls to other extensions, so calls internally will also show up on the list and be displayed as a LOCAL call.

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