Welcome to the new Megacall Customer Control Panel...

Without further a do lets get logged in. To access you can either do so from our main website https://www.megacall.es or https://control-panel.megacall.es/ (which you can also save in your favourites)

Once at the website we can see that we have a space to login. Here you need to introduce the Username/Password that was provided by our team. If you have forgotten it don´t worry, we can reset it and send it to you in a matter of minutes, but always to the authorised email address.

Once logged in we can see on the left hand menu there are 4 different options, all related to your account:



Top Up



In this section we can see the general overview of the account on the tab Main Details:-

If we move on to Charges we can see a breakdown of the charges that have been applied to our account, this will include any extensions, virtual numbers and extras.

In the Payments tab we can see information regarding any payments that we have made such as Bank Transfers, Credit Card of Paypal payments.

On the Products tab we can see the products that we have on our account, these can be anything from PBX Extensions through to Virtual numbers.

In the Invoices tab we can see the invoices that have been created for our account, there is also the option to download the invoices in PDF format.