So you´ve just received confirmation of your Virtual Number from Megacall and you want to link it to your Whatsapp Business account your your mobile device.

Firstly you will need to ensure that Support have been informed as to where they need to redirect the Virtual number to, for this you would need to send an email to

Once you have received the confirmation that the number is redirected you are then ready to set up Whatsapp Business.

To setup whatsapp business we first need to download Whatsapp Business from the App Store or Google Play. It should appear with the Whatsapp logo but the letter instead is a "B"

Once installed we need to open the app, the first screen we should see is the following, and we need to accpt the Terms & Conditions of service.

We will now see a screen where it will ask us if we want to use the number "+xx xxx xx xx xx" for Whatsapp Business (by default it will normally be the number of our mobile device), here we want to select Use a Different Number 

You will now be prompted to introduce the number you would like to use, this will normally be the number that Megacall has provided you with.

One you press on OK it will then try to recover the credentials...

Once the details have been recovered it will prompt you to confirm that the telephone number you are trying to verify is correct... Here we can simply press on "Yes"

You will now see a screen saying that it is "Verifying" the number, this can take between 10 and 15 seconds.

At first we will see a screen like the one below where it is saying it has sent us an SMS with a verification code. This option will not work with Megacall. We need to keep an eye on the timer below that says "Call me in...." as the verification will be done by a phone call.

Once the time has reached zero, we can then press on the "Call me now" option.... We will receive a phone call from an international number

When we pick up the call it will read out a 6 digit code which we need to introduce in to the verification boxes.

Once the verification code has been typed in, Whatsapp Business will try and verify the number to confirm that it is yours. You will see a screen similar to the one below...

Once we have typed the code in, we will see a screen similar to the one below where it informs us that it is "Validating the code"

Once verification has taken place we will see a screen where we can set the name of our company, and also select the business category, here we just select what most closely represents our business.

Here is an example of the Company Profile completed... You will need to ensure this containts your details.

Once done it will begin saving and loading the profile

Next you will see a screen regarding notifications, this is if you want to activate notifications on your phone....

The screen we will see now is the main screen of Whatsapp Business, it has the same layout as normal Whatsapp, here you can set the configuration to your liking.

Should you require any further information or assistance please don´t hesitate to contact our Support team on